Rising Sun Akitas

Japanese Akita Vs. American Akita

The Japanese Akita comes in only 4 colors, pure white, red fawn, sesame (which is red fawn with black tips or markings), and brindle (a patchy coloring with a streak of brown or gray). For a Japanese Akita to be considered purebred, it should have triangular patches of white on the sides of its muzzle as well as on the inner part of the tail, body, neck, chest, and cheeks. (Of course, white Akitas are exempted from this standard.) Any black spots or streaks are deemed undesirable for a Japanese Akita. Unlike its Japanese counterpart, the American Akita may come in various colors and color patterns or combinations. Some American Akitas have black masks or pinto markings. The American breed’s undercoat more often than not is of a different color from the upper coat.
    Apart from the differences in colors, the American and Japanese Akitas also have differences in terms of features and build. The Japanese Akita has a smaller triangular head that resembles the head of a huge fox. It also has almond eyes and ears that are set lower and carried forward. On the other hand, the American version has a larger bone structure, larger eyes, and small eyes that resemble those of a bear.

Please see the following movies and link below to explore the differences between these two distinct breeds of Akita.